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Anyone want a keybase.io invite?

26 September 2014 - 06:51 AM

I have three I haven't given away yet if anyone is interested. Post or PM your email address to claim it.

In which I invite you all to hurl abuse my way

21 August 2014 - 06:15 AM

Going to post all updates in order in this OP from now on so that I don't constantly bump the thread myself.


Day 8

I've been doing work on logout / registration / model validation as well as form submission in general. I was working on basic csrf protection but I've realised I'm too tired to do it right so I'm leaving the remainder for tomorrow.

For those with repo access:




Day 9

Very small update tonight as my mind has been elsewhere, +24, -16.

Will make up for it with a couple hours of solid work early tomorrow.


Day 10

Finished registration / login / logout.

Finished basic csrf protection.

Fixed bugs that were introduced in the last couple days of not actally testing code I was writing.

Consolidated less source files, will all write to single applicaiton.css instead of separate file for marketing.

Added some html partial templates for header, footer and navigation.


Day 11

Mainly worked on css and templates.





Day 12

Today is brainstorming day.

One part thinking through what exactly I'm building and the order features should be built in.

 - So far I've identified two or three main features and a clear #1 which extends naturally.

One part reading through other ideas to validate that this is 'the one'. So far it holds up.


Day 13

Reworking templates for login / registration. Doing work on the stylesheet for these pages.

Admittedly a pretty weak day in all but its going to look much nicer this way so I'm okay with it.


Day 14

Another fairly weak day, going to have to step it up in the next few so I don't lose momentum.


I think the next step is going to be working on the settings page which should be a handful. Lots of ajax in all likelihood.

-- edit: something weird happened and that push didnt work hence pointing to wrong commit. will try to remember to fix this later.

-- edit: https://github.com/k...0e44e6da12c08fb


Day 15


template + css changes - decided on a look and feel finally and i think its gonna hold up, sleek and consistent.

started a little bit on the settings stuff.


Day 16

Working on the controller / model for the settings forms, not gonna commit it tonight and will leave that until i have the code more together tomorrow. I tend to end up rewriting these things once its semi-working and i start to see the flaws in the structure.


Day 17

Worked on the same stuff as yesterday, restructured the code and improved how it works. Internet on my laptop is on the fritz so the commit will be tomorrow morning.


Day 18

Started a major refactoring of the underlying framework Goal is to reduce 'magic' and increase extensibility. I am also restructuring so that the framework will be entirely separate from the application, which will eventually mean I can publish a pypi module. No commit because so far its horribly broken. Making the imports work how I want is a nightmare. -- scratch that last part, i was being really dumb and had an error elsewhere which caused a bunch of imports to break.. everything will probably work now but i should really not be coding while this tired. its 3am and im going to bed. work in 6 hours.


Day 19

Was spent trying to fix previously mentioned problems with imports. I think its almost done. If this turns out to be true I should be able to open source my framework over the weekend, pip module and all. I'm potentially getting a second person involved in this project and it remains to be seen if he will be okay working on my framework or if he'd prefer we go plain flask / django / pylons. The idea has also been pivoted slightly which should make it easier to scale and maintain (fewer APIs to integrate with, fewer real-time services required).



Day 21 (I believe I missed out yesterday)

I've successfully refactored the underlying framework and extracted it from existing code.

It now lives here: https://github.com/kmyr/highfield

Tomorrow I will fix it up with pypi setup, readme, some docs and hopefully start re-implementing the project itself (which as previously mentioned is taking a slightly new direction) on this new foundation. I've also been reading a lot about elixir (erlang based language) lately though and knowing me theres a slight risk I start messing around with it. It's going to slow down development though so i really should get my act together and not do that.


Original post


I've got a project I've been thinking about / planning / tinkering with for a while now. I've got started on it a few times but frankly it's pretty much gone nowhere. Part of the reason for this is that I have a serious problem with not being able to motivate myself.


I suspect this part of my personality is somewhat linked to my occasional bouts of (very mild in the grand scheme of things) depression as well as the fact that I've lead (for the most part) a rather cushy middleclass life in which I've only on rare occasion had to work hard to get what I want. When I do work hard is when I have a tight well defined deadline and I feel like something very real is at stake. The idea that doing something is going to make me more successful in life is not nearly as powerful to me as the idea that not doing something is going to make me suffer immediate consequences.


I am going to attempt to post some kind of update on this project with something I've done to move it forward, every single day from today (possible exception of this Sunday for lady friend reasons). Initially this will likely be in the form of wireframes (I will post pictures), sketches, notes as I don't have a proper internet connection at home for the coming week.


If I go more than 24 hours without posting an update I cordially invite you all to hurl abuse at me, either in the post, or if Kyek deems that uncouth, by pm, or on twitter @mkohlmyr as that way I won't be able to ignore it.


Thank you for your time, I will post a first update in ~10hrs

interest check, freelance js gig

31 October 2013 - 06:43 AM

Basically, we ( http://www.triggeredmessaging.com/ ) are going to start doing a little bit of outsourcing of JavaScript work in the not too distant future. I don't have a lot of details right now, I'm just looking to find people who might be interested when the time comes in the next month or two so that I can get in touch easily with more details either over PM here, or by email.


If you are UK based this could lead to internship / grad-scheme / job opportunities moving forward depending on your situation and assuming we like your work. We are located in Southampton (development) and London (sales).


The work itself is quite straight forward for the most part. You would basically be following a standard template of sorts, performing scraping of e-commerce websites. Pretty simple stuff most of the time. The work could come in pretty much whenever, and we would ideally want a turn-around time of 2-3 days, for what I would generally consider less than a days full-time work for most clients. Between scoping, testing and developing.


Previous JavaScript experience is a must, jQuery, prototype or mootools experience is desired. You may be asked to use (rely heavily on) any of these for a given project, but most of the time it's jQuery. We have clients ranging from small to large, obscure to well-known, and while we are probably going to keep important ones in-house for the time being you might end up having your work on some fairly large commercial brands websites before too long.