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Front end Django web designer

30 April 2016 - 07:16 PM

Hey guys, it's been a minute! I've been working on a pretty large Django project the past couple weeks and I am in desperate need for a frontend designer. I have an Imgur album here to show some of the current layouts (I've been using bootstrap). If you'd like, you can checkout the full source code here on Github. Org's goal is to allow nonprofits, shelters, and other organization that work towards helping the marginalized to register their organization and become part of a directory of organizations that another app, vol, fetches from orgs api. Vol communicates with org to help organize volunteer scheduling. And no, the apps name will not stay org. 


This is part of a larger project being maintained here, so if we work well together I'd look into the possibility of having you create the whole brand. As it's for nonprofits, and is open source, I will be able to pay you a relatively low wage for the overall app (or per page). Thanks for taking a look!


- mooshe