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webdevRefinery is closed

16 October 2016 - 09:06 PM

Hi everyone,


Allow me to confirm what everyone assumes: webdevRefinery is officially closed.


This forum started in an age where scalability was expensive, new major languages appeared seemingly daily, and access to knowledgable and experienced help was exceptionally hard to find. webdevRefinery was created to share these things with a community of tech-interested folks of all levels, allowing them to grow together and receive instruction at a level that generally couldn't be found in schools.


I'm so proud of the success of this community. With a membership that started out with mostly high school, college, and recently-graduated folks looking to expand their tech knowledge, we ended up with technical executives, authors for well-known technical book publishers and tech blogs, engineers at Facebook and Google, and leaders in some of today's most loved startups. Lives were changed as a result of wdR, and mine was no exception.


Today, specialized technical help is much easier to find. Creating web applications with best practices in mind is far better documented. Sites like Reddit provide incredible niche communities surrounding individual technologies. Launching and scaling applications is now far cheaper, and the barrier to entry has never been lower. The problems that webdevRefinery set out to solve have been solved, and I'm absolutely thrilled both with the state of the software engineering community at large and the contributions this forum has made to it, however small.


Effective immediately, no new posts can be made on the forum, and signups are closed. I'll keep the posts accessible for as long as is feasible, but I place no guarantee on that. Please make sure anything important to you, including any private messages, is backed up. Access to this content may be removed without notice. wdR has been relatively activity-free for many months now, so I'm confident this decision won't have a major impact.


Thanks for your support and attention over these past 7 years. I hope wdR has helped you!



PS- if you're looking to keep in touch, find me on Reddit, Twitter, GitHub, or LinkedIn.


PPS- Apologies to anyone who joined in 2016. I've deleted all topics and posts by members who joined on or after January 1 2016 due to the extreme spam problem.