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Replacements for deprecated Linux networking commands (eg. ifconfig)

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Deprecated command     Replacement command(s)
arp                    ip n (ip neighbor)
ifconfig               ip a (ip addr), ip link, ip -s (ip -stats)
iptunnel               ip tunnel
iwconfig               iw
nameif                 ip link, ifrename
netstat                ss, ip route (for netstat-r), ip -s link (for netstat -i), ip maddr (for netstat-g)
route                  ip r (ip route)
And there's a lot more commands and their equivalent listed at the link.

Some discussion on Reddit at http://www.reddit.co...nds_and_their/. I've encountered this issue before:

ifconfig is another zombie that is horribly broken. You just realise this after you lose 2 hours of work debugging some network problem because ifconfig was giving you plainly wrong information. For once, add multiple IPv4 address to an interface without aliases and ifconfig simply wont show the addresses at all.

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